Our Project

In order to create the European Citizen Profile that values what do to for people and for the planet towards a sustainable Europe, six secondary schools belonging to Croatia, Estonia, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey with different backgrounds, but with common interests and concerns prepared the strategic partnership “YES” involving students aged between 14 and 18 years old in each school.By improving working methods, exchanging methodologies and sharing good practices this partnership aims to change risky behaviors that youngsters are running in their daily lifestyle (bad eating habits, sedentary life, addictions); wrong attitude against people of different race, sexual inclination or different cultures; indifference and low integration towards youth with disability and indifference about environmental essential and priority issues. This a global project divided in six related main topics: Health and Sports; Cultural Heritage; Language, Ideals and Mentalities; E-Citizenship; Sustainable Green Cities (environmental issues); Tolerance. A diverse variety of activities regarding the six topics will be promoted by schools using informal and non-formal methods.
The project will be lead and developed by two main working teams composed of teachers and students that will promote, organize and disseminate the activities in each school.
Two types of Learning, Teaching and Training activities will be included in the project: Short-term joint staff training events where teachers will have training courses corcerning projet theme and also study visits combining on-site visits to relevant organisations, presentations, and discussion workshops and Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils that will give students the opportunity to experience international learning, reinforce their understanding of the diversity of European cultures and languages, develop new skills and competences necessary for their personal development and deepen each topic with special activities. DEOR planning for this project has been studied to give a high level of involvement inside and outside the organizations involving multiple stakeholders.The E-twinning platform will be our privileged common online database of experiences that will allow the intensive cooperation among all schools involved during and after the project as well as the dissemination of our experiences, activities and results.